New ATMOsphere Network Connects Global Clean Cooling Industry in Unique Way

By Ilana Koegelenberg, Mar 10, 2021, 16:59 4 minute reading

shecco's Slack-powered virtual network for clean cooling experts already boasts nearly 500 members.

Since hosting its first physical ATMOsphere conference in 2009, shecco, a market accelerator for natural refrigerants and clean cooling, has been building its global network of like-minded industry professionals who are passionate about sustainable cooling.

This has now culminated in the creation of ATMOsphere, a Slack-powered online network of natural refrigerant and clean cooling stakeholders from around the world, who are able to learn from and communicate with each other. Since its soft launch in February, the network has attracted almost 500 members, and its steadily growing.

“More than 60 physical events and thousands of real connections later, we decided to do what we do best – innovate, creating a virtual ‘home’ for our expansive natural refrigerant network to engage, innovate, and build on these relationships towards a universal goal of clean cooling for all,” said Marc Chasserot, ATMOsphere’s founder and shecco's CEO.

The aim is to host thousands of key stakeholders at the decision-making level, changing the way business is done today. Joining is free.

At a time when travelling and connecting is harder than ever, ATMOsphere allows like-minded individuals to come together and do business in a direct, efficient manner that has never been done before in the cooling industry. “ATMOsphere saves time, saves money, and gives our users a competitive advantage thanks to its real-time, 24/7 access to like-minded stakeholders from around the world – all in one free, easy-to-use digital platform,” explained Chasserot.

What is ATMOsphere?

The ATMOsphere Slack community offers various public channels, such as #daily_news, where members can read and share the latest industry developments and have access to exclusive content. Unlike other news platforms or social media, ATMOsphere offers a curated experience, including articles from shecco’s own platforms (, and and from other relevant sources, all specific to clean cooling-related content.

Members can simply scroll through the channels and get a quick update on everything they need to know in the industry.

“ATMOsphere saves time, saves money, and gives our users a competitive advantage thanks to its real-time, 24/7 access to like-minded stakeholders from around the world – all in one free, easy-to-use digital platform.” – Marc Chasserot, shecco

Other channels facilitate networking or focus on topics relevant to natural refrigerants and clean cooling. For example, in #projects_and_partners, members can ask for help or advice and even post job ads. In #market_data members get exclusive insights into new research and marketplace data. The #case_studies channel offers end-user articles and presentations from shecco's vast archives, as well as member-posted case studies. Other topic-focused channels include #product_innovations, #refrigerants, #skills_and_training, and #events.

The strength of ATMOsphere lies in its members. They can scroll through a directory of all fellow members and even send messages directly to anyone listed – much quicker than any email. You can even start a call or a Zoom/Microsoft Teams meeting directly from the platform. It really changes the way business is done.

Benefits of joining

In a world where who you know is as important (even more important) than what you know, can you afford to be left out of the conversation?

  1. People

24/7, real-time engagement with like-minded stakeholders, thought leaders, decision makers, and customers from around the world who believe that #naturalrefrigerants, #cleancooling, and #netzero are the future of cooling.

  1. Knowledge

Daily curated news, market intelligence, product innovations, and expert conversations on topical industry matters – all in one quick, easy-to-search platform that works seamlessly on your phone, browser or desktop. Why waste time checking multiple sources every day?

  1. Exclusivity

Exclusive content that includes news reports, video interviews with key stakeholders, member webinars, interviews with thought leaders, expert advice, conference presentations and papers – all directly integrated into the ATMOsphere Slack platform.

  1. Discounts

ATMOsphere community members get discounts to attend ATMOsphere conferences around the world, ATMO Intelligence Market Research reports, and much more from the various services and products shecco offers. 

  1. Virtual networking

ATMOsphere will also serve as the official networking tool of shecco’s upcoming 2021 Virtual Trade Show for Natural Refrigerants, taking place March 30-31. Participants will be able to network before, during and after the event using the dedicated Slack channel called #virtual_trade_show. The 2020 VTS event boasted nearly 5,000 participants from around the world and the 2021 event is set to be even bigger. The event also includes an impressive webinar program. Registration is free – have you booked your spot yet?

How to apply

Applying to join is easy. Simply visit and complete the application. If successful, shecco will send through an email with the joining link.

ATMOsphere is officially supported by Teko and shecco. Those interested in supporting ATMOsphere can contact

By Ilana Koegelenberg (@Ilana_Ed)

Mar 10, 2021, 16:59

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