Driers, sensors and valves… and more! at Chillventa 2014 – Part 1

By Janaina Topley Lira, Oct 29, 2014, 17:36 6 minute reading

Chillventa 2014 exhibited the largest collection of CO2 subcritical and transcritical refrigeration components in Europe from 14-16 October in Nuremburg, bringing to light how well suppliers are preparing for the legislative changes ahead. In part one of this summary article, R744.com reports on the variety of CO2 components on display at Chillventa by its non-Partner companies. +PHOTOS

AWA: One of Germany’s oldest component manufacturers with over 135 years of experience, and a part of Bitzer SE since 2013, AWA displayed at Chillventa a wide variety of components for CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons including sight glasses, adapters, fittings and valves. The flexible line valves featuring a brazed steel housing and galvanic surface protection allow for optimal flow behavior even under harsh conditions.

Bacharach: A global leader in advanced equipment for the measurement and detection of gasses and liquids, Bacharach showcased its PGM-IR Portable Gas Analyser suitable for CO2, featuring infrared sensor technology for sensing low-level gas leaks. The HGM-MZ Multi-Zone Gas Monitor for measuring the conditions of common commercial refrigerants including CO2, helps retailers improve performance and lower cost of ownership of their systems.

BVA lubricants: Presented the XESL (extra energy savings lubcricant) series of lubricants developed and sold by the the company's BVAdvanced division for CO2 refrigeration, hydrocarbons and food grade applications, industrial gas process and air compressors.

Carly: With an extended line of CO2 components unveiled for the first time at Chillventa, refrigeration and air conditioning component expert Carly showcased the following new products:

  • Anti-acid filter driers: type DCY-P6 for subcritical CO2 at 64 bar and type DCY-P14 for transcritical CO2 at 140 bar
  • Discharge line mufflers: type SCY-P6 for subcritical CO2 at 64 bar and type SCY-P14 for transcritical CO2 at 140 bar
  • Replaceable core filter drier shells (liquid line): type BCY-P6 for subcritical CO2 for at PS 64 bar and type BCY-P14 for transcritical CO2 at PS 140 bar
  • Check valves: type CRCY-P9 for CO2 subcritical and transcritical at 90 bar
  • Oil filters: type HCYF-P6 for CO2 subcritical at 64 bar and type HCYF-P14 for CO2 transcritical at 140 bar

Deka Controls: A new COM2 Electronic Oil Level Regulation System was launched by Deka Controls, calibrated for POE lubricants, available in several power supply versions and suitable for all common refrigerants including CO2. The system is lightweight in design and optimises energy consumption of refrigeration systems.

Eliwell Controls: Revealing its new brand identity, Eliwell by Schneider Electric displayed its extended portfolio of integrated solutions for retail systems encompassing the EWCM 9000 EO for CO2 cascade systems, which provides condensation control and inverter compressor control to deliver a reduction in energy consumption and extended life of the components. The EEV (electronic expansion valve) Pulse System, compatible with CO2 and ammonia, is a complete system consisting of a driver, remote display device and electronic controller, to maximise the performance of refrigeration cabinets in all applications. Also compatible with CO2, Eliwell offers a range of PXV electronic pulse expansion valves, as well as the V910 driver for motorised electronic valve control and the new TelevisGo monitoring and maintenance system.

ELREHA: A manufacturing company of electronic control systems and controllers for commercial and industrial refrigeration and freezing applications, ELREHA exhibited its improved VPR 5000 refrigerant controller for transcritical, booster and cascade systems. The controller is of a modular design and has new features including the capacity to control multistage speed controlled compressors, send HACCP listings as PDFs by email, as well as error messages by email and can safety shutdown cold storages in CO2 plants. For high and medium pressure, the HMR 3168 controller for transcritical CO2 is designed to monitor high pressure valves up to 120 bar and is able to exchange data by way of an interface.

Errecique: An expert in the field of thermoplastic and rubber hoses, Errecinque has developed a line of hoses for industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and transport refrigeration. The Series 070 of hoses designed for CO2 is available with a thermal insulated cover and is preassembled with a unique crimping machine.

ESK Schultze: German manufacturer of components for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps since 1984 exhibited a variety of oil separators, suction line accumulators and other pressure vessels of approx. 0.3 –100 liters for up to 130 bar. The extended BOS series of coalescence oil separators for transcritical CO2 now offers the larger BOS3-CDH for refrigeration capacities up to 1000 kW. The average separation degree is between 97-99%.

Fuchs: A leading provider of lubricants in Germany, and the supplier of VW AG and BOSCH GmbH, Fuchs produces engine and gear oils, shock absorber oils, hydraulic system oils, lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners and corrosion preventives. For both subcritical and transcritical CO2 refrigeration in food retail and shipping vessel cooling, the RENISO C product series of synthetic refrigeration oils based on polyol esters contains a special high-performance additive to increase wear protection.

HPH: Italian Hph-Irc Srl designs and manufactures a wide range of CO2 heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration and special applications. The company also manufacturers condensers for duty up to 6000 kW in various materials for all working fluids.

Murco: Provider of gas detection solutions, now part of the Bacharach Group, Murco was founded 1993 in response to the Montreal Protocol and is specialised in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. The IP66 Gas Detector, available with IR CO2 sensors, is recommended for applications with high levels of dust, moisture or condensation.

OCS Cold: Italian manufacturer of vertical and horizontal liquid receivers, liquid separators, multi suction line accumulators and oil separators had its new CO2 pumped horizontal liquid receiver on display at Chillventa. OCS provides products of 1 up to 600 litres.

Panimpex: European distributor of refrigeration technologies based in Belgium, exhibited the Metreco smart mobile measuring, which allows up to 10 sensors to transmit their measurements simultaneously to a hand-held device. The product is supplied with a charging station, high and low pressure sensor, temperature sensors, hoses and connectors, and is available with a pressure sensor for CO2 transcritical. Panimpex has also launched the Blondelle manifold for both CO2 subcritical and transcritical applicaitons, the latter of which features full scale gauges of 80 and 160 bar and valves which are guaranteed for 200 bar.

RDM: A global pioneer in advanced control and remote monitoring systems for the refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and building control sectors, RDM presented over 20 new products for 2014 at this year’s Chillventa, including an industry-first controller with on-board fibre-optic connectivity. RDM’s solutions are used for "total energy" control of supermarket systems by optimising heating and cooling across stores. In 2013 RDM won “International Achievment of the Year” at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards for its role in an EcoChill New Zealand supermarket installation running on CO2.

Sensata Technologies: Provider of devices that improve safety, efficiency and comfort in applications ranging from automotive and heavy vehicle to heating and air conditioning. Sensata technologies presented its HVAC&R pressure sensor suitable for natural refrigerants in beverage coolers/ light commercial applications, supermarkets, industrial systems, air conditioning and heat pumps. The sensors feature ATEX standard pressure switches, hermetic sensors for operation in harsh environments, excellent shake and vibration tolerance, precise superheat measurement and more.


By Janaina Topley Lira

Oct 29, 2014, 17:36

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