• Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
  • For CO2 (R744) transcritical application


  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
  • For CO2 (R744) transcritical application

Technical specifications

Series made up of two ranges:
  • CD2S200 - displacing from 1.45 m3/h in LP + 0.57 m3/h in HP to 2.36 m3/h in LP + 0.73 m3/h in HP
  • CD2S400 displacing from 5.99 m3/h in LP + 5.06 m3/h in HP to 15.11 m3/h in LP + 8.98 m3/h in HP.
  • 9 models applicable in 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Weight from 75 to 191 kg
  • Max. standstill pressure: 100 bar


  • Wide application spectrum
  • Capability to work with extreme pressure ratios allowing for the same functionality as standard CO2 low-temp equipment
  • No need to implement cascade or booster system; therefore, drastically cutting down failure risk
  • The single compressor can apply the complete compression process within itself, thus significantly reducing investment costs of the final refrigeration system
  • Standstill pressure boosted to 100 bar, allowing for no issues during prolonged standstill, for safer and better preservation
  • Extra-robust drive gear for proven reliability
  • Multi-layer self lubricating bearings for better robustness against liquid slugging
  • Silent and smooth operation in any operating condition
  • High COP levels
  • CD-2S 4-cylinder models have been UL approved


  • Heat pumps application
  • Commercial refrigeration (BT)
  • Commercial refrigeration (MT)
  • Refrigerated transport



Brochure CD-2S Series 2014
Flyer: CD Range 2014

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