ABOUT Huurre

Huurre Group is a diversified refrigeration technology and services company. Its primary customers include the food industry, wholesalers, retailers, professional kitchens and medical sector in Northern Europe.

Huurre Group is a leading supplier of energy-efficient CO2-based refrigeration systems and related refrigeration automation solutions. The company designs and builds professional cold storage and distribution products and solutions and helps customers to manage them during the whole life cycle of the cold chain.

Huurre operations have been divided into three divisions: refrigeration solutions, cold storage construction and compact refrigeration.

Refrigeration solutions for food retailers and industry:

  • Refrigeration maintenance
  • Refrigeration design & contracting
  • Ref packs & Cabinets & Cold rooms for retail
  • Huurre iTOP remote monitoring and energy optimisation
  • Industry process cooling
  • Datacenters
  • Air conditioning

Cold storage facilities for the food industry:

  • Supply of panels & doors
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Design & project management
  • Turn key contracting (marine etc.)
  • Specialised contracting

Compact refrigeration solutions for:

  • Hotels, restaurants, catering etc.
  • Institutional kitchens
  • Medical & Lab refrigeration
  • Marine etc. Special cabinets


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