ABOUT HB Products A/S

HB Products has more than 25 years of experience in the development and manufacturing electronic sensors to the Refrigeration Industry, driven by innovation with great focus on security, energy optimization and automation.

The proven quality and reliability of their sensors has made HB Products achieve high reputation worldwide.

The basis for the activities of HB Products was founded in 1989 by encouragement from Sabroe A/S to the development of an angel transmitter.

The company's specialty is optimization of evaporator control with patented sensor technology for optimizing all types of evaporators by measuring the vapor-quality/dryness of the gas in the evaporator outlet and only supplies required refrigerant according to the evaporator load.

The product range consists of different sensors types for measuring Vapor Quality, Ice thickness (Defrost on demand control), liquid level, oil level, motion and position sensors as well as temperature sensors. Its products are used for optimized evaporator-control, oil and liquid level control, Leading companies in the design and manufacture of low charge ammonia systems use HBX vapor quality sensors for evaporator control.

 The products:

  • Vapor quality sensor measuring phase of refrigerant, used for evaporator control on DX system or circulation rate control on overfeed/pump systems.
  • Defrost on demand sensor, for optimized defrost control, only when needed.
  • Switches for NH3, brine and oil-return control.
  • Analogue level transmitters for NH3, brine and oil.
  • Microprocessor sensors with build-in controller for direct connection to solenoid or motor valve for control of oil and refrigerant liquid.
  • Gas alarm for leakage warning.

Quality and innovation is guiding the way

HB Products is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and produce ATEX, cULus and IECEx certified products. In order to ensure an optimal solution for their clients, HB Products is continuously improving and upgrading with the most advanced technical solutions.

 Contact Information

Further information visits our web page……... www.hbproducts.dk

Enquiries, you may send a request to ………..info@hbproducts.dk



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