ABOUT Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions – an Emerson Business - offers a wide range of innovative products, solutions, support, training and tools – all designed to make life more comfortable and your job easier.

Transforming How People Live and Work

Drawing on our expertise and global perspective, we combine engineering and technology to develop HVACR and infrastructure solutions that best serve our customers.

Future-proof refrigeration

As one of the industry’s most trusted brands, Emerson is leading the development of the next generation of refrigeration technology. Our Copeland™ compressor lineup is setting the standard in performance and reliability.

With the industry now in the mist of sweeping regulations, Emerson is the right partner for future-proof refrigeration to help you comply with the European F-gas Regulation and the Ecodesign Directive. We invest in natural solutions while providing options for alternative low-GWP refrigerants.




Adjustable safety pressure controls CS1 Series
LW series liquid level monitoring system
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Efficient Retail Applications With Emerson Climate Technologies’ CO2 Solutions
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Alco Controls: Ball Valves BVE / BVS / CVE / CVS
Alco Controls: Electronic Expansion Valve CX2
Alco Controls: AMI / MIA / CIA Moisture Indicators
iPro.small CO2 high pressure controller
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Press Release: Expanded Portfolio of Semi-Hermetic Compressors for Medium and Low Temperature
Commercial CO2 Refrigeration Systems
News release - Emerson Climate Technologies presents Copeland ScrollTM compressors solution for
News release - Emerson Climate Technologies presents an expanded portfolio of semi-hermetic com
Copeland ScrollTM Compressor for R744
 Alco Controls: Electrical Control Valves EX4/5/6/7/8 Series - technical bulletin


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