ABOUT Eliwell

Excellence in refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Eliwell has operated in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning market for 35 years and offers high level quality and technology products, control systems and services for refrigeration units, both commercial and industrial, and for air conditioning. Eliwell is part of the Schneider Electric Group.

With its Research & Development laboratory, representing an excellence centre inside Invensys, Eliwell has a front-line role in the development of dedicated solutions for the air conditioning and refrigeration market.

Innovative Environmentally Optimised Solutions for retail, OEMs and distribution

Eliwell’s design team has developed a range of new Environmentally Optimised solutions: highly efficient, eco-friendly and conceived to deliver tangible benefits to the user. The devices have been developed with innovative energy saving algorithms to ensure an immediate and measurable return on investment. Compatible with the new R290 and CO2 ecological refrigerants, they are designed to ensure lower running and maintenance costs, and are produced in conjunction with an active packaging recycling programme. The result is vastly simplified installation, maintenance and operation.

All of Eliwell’s Environmentally Optimised solutions for retail, OEMs and distribution are clearly identifiable by the refined logo on their front panels, the design of which is inspired by nature. EO stands for Environmentally Optimised.



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