ABOUT Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological (DTI) is one of the world's largest private institutes supplying technological services. DTI services include researches on Energy and Climate issues and consultancy services on refrigeration technology. Its Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology has special expertise in R718 projects.

DTI contributed more particularly to the development of a unique, competitive design for a new type of compressor that uses ordinary water as refrigerant instead of synthetic, less environmentally friendly refrigerants. In future, the competitive new technology will be used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems for office buildings, large shops, hospitals and other substantial buildings.

NEW! DTI's online courses on CO2 and NH3 heat pumps
Three different online course sessions with a duration of two hours each

  • 1st course “Heat pumps for increasing energy efficiency " taking place on these dates: 7 May, 19 May, and 3 June at 2:00 PM CET.
  • Information and registration:  www.teknologisk.dk/kurser/k90718



Refrigeration Training Courses
Presentation: DTI's Innovation Strategy 2013-2015


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