RefHP fittings now available for BIM Revit

SANHA’s RefHP fittings rage is available for BIM Revit.

German manufacturer of piping systems SANHA has made its RefHP high-pressure fittings range available for the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Revit process.

Revit is a single application built for Building Information Modeling with features for architectural design, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and structural engineering and construction.

Technical planners and engineers can thus conveniently access this data when planning refrigeration systems and rooms for fruit and vegetables or other commercial and industrial installations with CO2 transcritical systems.

All forms are stored as a data record. Together with auto-routing and auto-scaling functions, this enables practical visualisation and comprehensive and time-saving planning, line layout and traceability.

From the plans generated in this way, a material list can be created directly at the push of a button. The app, which also contains all other SANHA systems, can be downloaded free of charge. 

The RefHP range includes soldering fittings in sizes from 3/8" to 2 1/8" and thus covers all requirements. The fittings are made of a highly stable copper-iron alloy, which makes them suitable for increasing use in CO2 up to an operating pressure of 130 bar and in the temperature range from -196 to +150°C.

The fittings of the RefHP series can be connected to all common copper-iron pipes, such as K65. Thanks to the low-carbon content, the quality of the compound is very good. The corrosion-resistant material is also magnetic, which makes it easier to recognise on site.

Also, compared to stainless steel, CuFe fittings are characterised by their lower weight and therefore easier handling on the construction site. In addition, the production of a brazed joint is considerably easier and faster than conventional Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding.

The RefHP series have also successfully passed the UL 207 tests.

About SANHA 

The SANHA group is one of the leading European manufacturers of piping systems for a wide range of applications drinking water, gas, heating, cooling for use in domestic as well as tailor-made solutions for transcritical refrigeration systems industrial settings. For such applications, SANHA offers its range of high-pressure solder fittings RefHP made from CuFe as a viable economic alternative to welded stainless steel.

By Pilar Aleu

Feb 26, 2018, 12:48

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