Chillventa 2012: R744 products on display – Part 3

By Klara Skačanová, Oct 24, 2012, 15:22 4 minute reading

The final article provides an overview of CO2 products presented and displayed at Chillventa 2012, the International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heat Pumps, that took place on 9-11 October 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany. + PHOTOS

Cabero: Showcased were air cooled condensers with axial fans available for all refrigerants including CO2 and NH3 with CABERO calculation software as well as compact line condensers and dry coolers designed for systems demanding high capacity and performance. Shell and plate heat exchangers with CO2 used in applications where conventional plate heat exchangers are not suitable were advertised.

Eliwell: Eliwell, a company developing and producing electronic controllers and control system for cooling units used in commercial and industrial applications, in particular refrigeration cabinets and chillers for restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, unveiled at Chillventa their new CO2 solutions, ideal for environmentally conscious customers, plus a new range of cascade systems for EWCM 9100 EO and V910.

Hansen: The designer and producer of components for large industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, currently expanding its business into the CO2 refrigeration market displayed amongst other products CO2 control valves, CO2 valves as well as CO2 stop valves. The EZ-SRV Cartridge Pressure-Relief Valve protecting refrigeration pressure vessels and other refrigeration system components from excessive pressure and the MVP Multi Valve platform were also at Hansen’s booth.

HPH: The Italian-based producer of heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration and special applications in the field of cold, presented CO2 heat exchangers for various refrigeration applications.

Shrieve: High performance lubricants engineered for the extreme pressure conditions of CO2 systems were presented by Shrieve.

US Reco: US Reco presented at its booth a range of CO2 control components, such as solenoid valves and pressure valves.

Frimetal: Evaporators and condensors suitable for CO2 and ammonia, liquid coolers and brine chillers, finned tube exchanging coils as well as other types of heat exchangers were displayed at the Frimetal booth .

AIA: AIA, a company with 50 years of experience in heat exchange technology presented the new Antarctic X air coolers with a capacity range of 1,45-81,9 kW fitted with the new EC technology fans. The fans are also fitted with fixed rotation speeds depending on? requirements to meet acoustic performance.

LU-VE: The company presented the new compact model F35HC with 20% higher energy efficiency and 2-speed ventilation.

Wigam: At the WIGAM stand, the trade show visitors could see several products designed to work with R744, such as FOX-R744, a 2-way digital manifold with a maximum operating pressure of 160 bar and accuracy better than 1% FS as well as 2-way piston manifold with oil filled gauges for R744, CO2 disposable bottle, electronic programmable scale and electronic leak detector for CO2.

Le Robinet Frigorifique Français (RFF): By using the most modern production techniques Robinet Frigorifique Français offered a range of refrigeration valves, including check/stop-check valves, ball valves and hand regulating valves.

thermofin: thermofin, manufacturer of finned heat exchangers with over ten years of experience in this field presented at the trade show a wide range of evaporators, condensers as well as insulted coolers and penthouse coolers, all available with R744 cooling agent.

space engineering services: To meet the increasing demand for refrigeration plants utilising natural refrigerants, the company has developed CO2NVENIENCE, its latest CO2 system for convenience and small user applications. For large refrigeration users, RPX CO2 packaged plant solution with booster system and dual temperature configuration has been developed as a cost effective alternative to a system using HFCs.

OCS: OCS has been producing components for CO2 application, both transcritical and subcritical since 2010. The latest CO2 product line presented at Chillventa trade show includes vertical liquid receivers with single and double dipping tube, horizontal liquid receivers, suction accumulators, oil receivers, accessible and non-accessible oil separators, suction manifolds and discharge manifolds.

Rivacold: The CO2 transcritical multi-compressor pack with booster system displayed at the stand comprises of 2 transcritical R744 semi-hermetic MBP compressors, 2 subcritical semi-hermetic LBP compressors and 1 semi-hermetic compressor for the R134a emergency condensing unit for the pressure control in the liquid receiver.

Stefani: With expertise in manufacturing dry coolers, remote condensers and liquid coolers, the Italian-based company showcased their industrial cooling products for food processing and storage applications, suitable for several refrigerants, including CO2.

Vahterus: Vahterus showcased its shell and plate heat exchangers for cascades with ammonia and CO2, as well as its "Combined" fully welded compact solution for flooded evaporators and flooded cascades, suitable for different mediums.

Zanotti: Zanotti displayed the CO2 compressor rack with incorporated condenser and the CO2 condensing unit.

Galileo TP: The company currently focuses its research on the realization of systems capable to charge CO2 refrigerant fluid. On display was the newly patented Habilis CO2 designed for small and medium sized production activities. The machine is able to use the refrigerant fluid in any condition.

Güntner: One of the leading global companies in the field of heat transfer technology showcased the industrial air cooler with a capacity range between 10 and 120 kW and suitable for CO2, ammonia and other refrigerants. For defrosting, all possibilities are available: air defrost, electrical defrost, hot gas defrost or brine defrost, even a water defrost spray system.



By Klara Skačanová

Oct 24, 2012, 15:22

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