CO2 BUS-compatible gas monitoring system

High quality CO2 gas detector, gas monitor and audio visual alarm for commercial refrigeration.


Kimessa has developed CO2 BUS-compatible gas monitoring equipment including the
CO2-detector KSIM 1090, the CANline gas monitor for up to 32 refrigeration gas leak detectors and the CWE 67, BUS-compatible audio visual alarm.

CO2-detector KSIM 1090

Technical specifications

  • Optional measuring ranges: from 5000ppm to 5.0% volume
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +70ºC
  • User selectable outputs: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V and digital CAN-BUS
  • Response time t 90: < 90 seconds
  • Pressure range: atmospheric ± 10%
  • Weight: 550 gr


  • Long life reliable infra red sensor technology
  • Simplifies calibration with direct mA measurement of the detector gas reading via a 3.5mm jack connection
  • Temperature compensation and linearised output
  • One person annual calibration
  • Designed for use with hand held optical calibration tool – CRC
  • Robust metallic enclosure
  • Can be used in conjunction with remote displays for local real time visual data

CANline gas monitor


  • Low installation costs with BUS wiring of detectors and Kimessa BUS audio visual alarm
  • Wide range of gas detectors may share the same BUS cable including CO2, HCFC’s, HFC’s, Nat Gas, LPG, NH3, etc..
  • Unique Kimessa ‘adaptor’ facilitates integration of third party 4-20mA detectors onto the digital BUS, e.g., temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Remote visual displays, relay cards and analogue in- and outputs promote system flexibility, reaching into any zone on the digital BUS
  • Field mounted Alarming Unit (CWE) allows integration of any third party 24 VDC-Alarm device onto the BUS line without the need for a separate power supply
  • Programming of parameters such as alarm limits (4 per detector), relay status, time delays on & off, hysteresis values, etc are readily stored for retrieval.
  • Internal logging of gas alarm events provides intelligence updates while real-time data logging of detector readings via the RS-232 is accessible with optional BUS outputs (Modbus, Profibus, EtherNet/IP, etc) or may be configured for programmable realtime-visualisation on a PC

CWE 67 audio visual alarm:


  • Simplify installation of audio visual alarms by mounting the CWE on the detector BUS cable
  • CWE has a 24 VDC-output for a lamp/flash light and a 24 VDC output for an alarm horn
  • CWE can be allocated to individual or detector groups by alarm threshold
  • Individual programming options for both the sounder and flashing light such as time delays (ON and OFF), ideal where a sounder is located in a public area.
  • CWE incorporates a programmable relay to drive local electrical devices such as a slam shut valve, ventilation, refrigerant drawdown, etc.
  • CWE is also available with a built-in flash light (type CWE 67) and a buzzer, so that no additional alarming devices are necessary
  • Informative visual red LED display signs (type LW46) may be connected to a CWE with power supplied via the BUS and without restrictions on quantity. User selectable text, ideal for mounting within or outside the monitoring zone (e.g. “CO2-Alarm – No entry” mounted outside a cold-store).


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