Finless R744 Micro Channel Profile Evaporator - product development

• Compact design
• Ideal for reversible cooling systems
• Minimum depth for optimal packaging & minimum water storage


The R744 micro channel evaporator has been developed by Obrist Engineering as an effective and compact finless heat exchanger with dramatically reduced water storage capacity for use in mobile air conditioning. This product is developed before delivery and is not a mass product.

Basic specifications

  • Core size: on request
  • Block size: on request
  • Block depth restriction: 38-50mm
  • Overall weight: depending on size
  • Surface Area (Air side / Refrigerant side): depending on size
  • Fin Density: no fins
  • Tube Profile: micro channel
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Coating Material: Hydrophilic
  • Fittings: VisCO2nnect fittings are standard, others on request


  • Compact design
  • Minimum depth for optimal packaging
  • Minimum water storage; prevents moist and odour problems
  • Width and height can be system optimised
  • Ideal for reversible cooling systems: cooling in A/C mode, heating in heat pump mode

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