• multipurpose CO2 Gas Cooling Test Unit
• for light commercial refrigerators and/or freezers


SANYO has developed a developed multipurpose CO2 Gas Cooling Test Unit that is applicable for self contained light commercial refrigerators and/or freezers.

Technical details:
  • Application: Low (LT) and Medium Temperature (MT)
  • Rated output: 400 / 650 / 900 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Applicable ambient temperature: 15-30°C
  • Evaporating temperature LT: -35 to -20°C (after it is stabilised)
  • Evaporating temperature MT: -20 to -5°C (after it is stabilised)
  • Compressor type: Hermetic Rotary (VDE applicable)
  • Fan output: 5+10 W
  • Unit Outer Dimensions* 400W: 630x465x245
  • Unit Outer Dimensions* 650W: 630x485x245
  • Unit Outer Dimensions* 900W: 630x520x245
* exclude the screw head

  • Various applicable units: light commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • compatible with different types of evaporators and expansion devices

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