CO2 Control solution for smaller refrigeration systems

By Reftronix, published Aug 08, 2018

Reftronix's CO2 system controller ensures increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The intuitive user interface and cloud based monitoring and analytics ensures fast and accurate problem solving, also for users with little CO2 process experience.

Using CO2 compressors with BLDC/PM motors, combined with an Invertek variable frequency drive and Reftronix CDU controller, provide highly energy efficient solutions for CO2 refrigeration systems.

Our controller is a 6-in-1 solution: A CO2 CDU controller, two evaporator controllers, two superheat controllers and a system manager/front-end all in one package. Everything is integrated to ensure effortless installation and operation of smaller CO2 refrigeration systems


  • Specifically for the OEM
    • Simplified panel design
    • Fewer refrigeration components
    • Integrated factory line test
    • Increase your bottom line
  •  For the Installer
    • Faster commissioning
    • Less field installed components
    • Secure cloud link and easy setup
  •  For the Enduser/Technician using cloud link
    • Unprecedented serviceability
    • Automatic benchmarking
    • Energy / performance reports
    • Smart service dispatch
    • Component performance tracking

Main functions and features:

  • Minimal CO2 process experience required
  • Integrated support of up to 2 rooms/cabinets (incl. EEV)
  • Integrated LAN cloud & direct Wi-Fi connection – No need for gateways
  • Energy savings of up to 25%
  • Fluid model-based optimization
  • Better low charge operation
  • Enhanced gas cooler stability
  • Cloud supported data driven control optimization
  • Integrated with state-of-the-art BLDC inverters
  • Integrated backup power (UPS) 
  • Bus communication with inverter(s) 
  • High Pressure switch wired directly to inverter Safe Torque Off (STO) 
  • No unloader valve for compressor 
  • No receiver valve for booster systems
  • Tested and validated with many compressor and valve suppliers

Technical specifications:

  • Single stage (Medium Temp)
  • Two stage (Low Temp)
  • Control of up to two evaporator with EEV 
  • Gas cooler and high pressure system control
  • Oil management


  • Smaller refrigeration systems
  • Condensing units

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