Epta, the multinational Group specialising in commercial refrigeration, operates on a worldwide level thanks to its brands CostanBonnet NévéGeorge BarkerEurocryorMisaIarp, Knudsen Køling and Kysor Warren. Epta asserts its position on the domestic and international markets as a turnkey partner able to manufacture and provide complete refrigeration systems through the integration of specific product lines. With a head office in Milan, it has about 6,000 employees, a world-wide sales network and a turnover of 921 million Euros in 2018.

In response to an ever-growing attention to environmental issues, Epta proposes a “total solution” which has become a must-have for Retailers wanting to make their stores “naturally green”. Epta is offering a complete range of CO2 systems which are efficient and extremely flexible, and have been designed to overcome the limitations of transcritical technology. They can alsobe customised and adapted to any climate condition and in stores of varying sizes, from superstores to convenience stores. An example of this commitment is the new CO2 FTE transcritical system: simplicity and performance converge in this solution, which is patent pending in Italy and Australia, to ensure a low energy consumption anywhere around the globe.

"Presence and competence" have always been the key words for the Group when it comes to after-sales service that supports Clients and meets all of their needs. EptaService offers the finest support teams: technical experts who work actively with Retailers to offer professional advice, retrofit solutions and telemonitoring programmes with the aim of ensuring the highest levels of cost savings, while at the same time minimising impact on the environment.




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