ABOUT Dena Line s.p.a.

Established in 1977 in Pordenone, Italy, Dena Line s.p.a is a European leader in the production of refrigeration and air conditioning components. Operating today in an 8500m2 facility, Dena Line has dedicated its resources to technological innovation and quality for over 30 years, developing customized products of high performance and lengthy life cycles.

More recently, Dena Line's efforts have turned to developing components suitable for CO2 (both subcritical and transcritical), ammonia and hydrocarbons, using special materials that withstand up to PS 140 bar and TS -40 / +130 °C.

Dena Line’s wide range of products include the following for natural refrigerants:
  • Liquid receivers up to 500lt
  • Oil separators with oil reserve for compressor displacement up to 700m3/h (patent pending)
  • Mufflers
  • Steel and cast iron valves
  • By-pass valves
  • Changeover valves (three-way valves)
  • Safety valves
  • Conical sight glasses with moisture indicator suitable for liquid level sensors
  • Liquid and moisture indicators with copper and steel tubes (patented)
  • Filter driers with molecular sieves

Upon request, Dena Line products can be supplied with surface treatments which allow a resistance against corrosion of over 1000 hours in saline mist, according to standard ASTM B 117.

All Dena Line components meet the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, European Directive 97/23/EC and UL standards.




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