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By Rico Meyn, Aug 09, 2018, 11:38 2 minute reading

Danish company Reftronix, a specialist in CO2 process controls, is now a partner on

Reftronix, a Danish process controls company working exclusively with CO2, has become a bronze partner on The firm improves CO2 process control in terms of simplicity, efficiency, ease of use and cost effectiveness. 

Reftronix’s vision, the company says, is to help improve CO2 technology enough to ensure that there is no justification for a new generation of synthetic refrigerants. 

Reftronix first saw CO2 systems being adopted in the food retail segment in Scandinavia. Since then, adoption of these systems in the rest of Europe and North America has accelerated. Currently, the company observes a trend of adopting CO2 in smaller refrigeration units. Reftronix also believes that heat pumps can benefit from CO2 technology.

The Danish company will offer a CO2 refrigeration controller for smaller systems. The controllers come with an integrated cloud link solution for easy access. This controller can also be used for chillers and heat pumps. 

Currently, Reftronix has ongoing projects with major OEMs to help them transition their entire product range to CO2. A great aid in this will be the cloud link solution by Reftronix. 

We are very proud of the way our solutions are being received when we talk to end users and OEMs, attesting we are on the right track, and the industry is ready for new innovative ways of controlling [ …] CO2 refrigeration systems.”– Kristian Fredslund, CEO, Reftronix 

The cloud link solution supports efficient BLDC compressors, two-stage compression and variable capacity. With the help of effective and efficient process control algorithms, Reftronix enables OEMs to design highly efficient CO2 systems that work perfectly in warm climates.      

The company also invests strongly in helping OEMs, installers and service technicians to build cost-effective CO2 solutions by providing controller and cloud solutions. This can help to simplify troubleshooting and setup of the systems. Eventually, Reftronix envisions 80% of existing refrigeration technicians being able to work with the cloud solution without major investments in training. 

By Rico Meyn

Aug 09, 2018, 11:38

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