China Refrigeration 2015: strong growth in CO2 solutions

By Caixia Mao, Apr 17, 2015, 17:54 4 minute reading

At China Refrigeration 2015, which gathered over 60,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors from across the world, CO2 products were showcased for a variety of applications for both heating and refrigeration. For commercial refrigeration applications, partners such as Carrier, CAREL, Panasonic, Dorin, SANDEN and Castel, as well as others demonstrated their CO2 know-how. 

On 8 – 10 of April the annual China Refrigeration trade fair was organised in Shanghai., which has reported from the event for several years now, was in attendance once again to discover the remarkable growth phase CO2 is entering in several applications. Previously R744 technology has been a niche market in China, but the 2015 event suggests that CO2 is leading growth market for natural refrigerant solutions in China. 

Products from partners 

For the first time SANDEN had on display at their booth a CO2 heat pump water heater for residential use for the Chinese market. The unit can reach a COP above 4.5 and can operate in ambient temperatures of -10 °C to 43 °C. The water tank uses stainless steel with strong insulation properties and has a  safety valve installed. The 56kg unit is light weight and can be installed in any location. Key features include a low noise level of 38bB, the fact that the unit can heat water 50% more quickly than conventional heat pump water heaters and that it can heat up water automatically when the water temperature drops. The unit provides cost savings of more than 70% compared to traditional electric water heaters. 

demonstrated their CO2OLtec commercial refrigeration system. The combined medium and low temperature hybrid CO2 technology with multi-compressor racks features a mounted control panel with a Carrier controller for CO2 subcritical operation. 
At CAREL’s booth trade fair visitors could see the eXVsistema electronic expansion valves, as well as the EVD Evolution controller and valves from the E3V “C” series for large capacity high pressure CO2 systems such as transcritical circuits with a maximum operating pressure of 140 bars and a maximum operating differential pressure of 90 bars. The E2V series that was on show can be applied to systems use CO2, hydrocarbons and ammonia refrigerants. 
Castel displayed check valves for CO2 systems including the 3185EL series for subcritical applications up to 60 bar. For transcritical systems Castel has the 3185EL for pressures up to 80bar on low and medium side, the 3187E for pressures up to 120 bar with an K65 connector for high pressure side, and the 3188E for pressures up to 120 bar for high thee side. 
Dorin featured its CO2 compressor range for both subcritical and transcritical applications. Its CO2 subscritical product range include three cylinder compressors for pressures up 100 bar, such as the CD350B with 100 Bar high standstill pressure, launched in 2015, and the CDS2501B semi-hermetic compressor. For CO2 transcritical applications, Dorin’s range includes the CD8000 and CD1900H semi-hermetic units. 
Panasonic showed off its CO2 rotary compressor series that can be widely applied in light commercial and commercial uses such as bottle coolers, refrigeratedshowcases, heat pump water heaters, heat pump clothes driers, and commercial kitchen cold storage and refrigeration. 
Products from other companies
General Fushi, a local system manufacturer for CO2 showcases displayed latest solution for CO2/HFC supermarket stores. It was the only local supplier for CO2 commercial refrigeration solutions in the tradeshow. The company booth highlighted a CO2/R134a store with local system manufacture Fute for Metro in China in 2014, General Fushi expressed that CO2 is definitely the trends for retailer solution in China and they are going to prepare for CO2 transcritical projects in China in the near future.
Saginomiya had a type HPV controller on show for CO2 heat pump water heaters. The controller is designed for working pressures of 13/13.8/14/15 MPa and a floating temperature from -30°C to 120°C. 
Also showcasing a CO2 heat pump water heater for residential use was Highly. The unit features a YTG033CV-A7 JK rotary compressor specially designed for CO2. The unit can generate hot water as high as 90°C. In addition, Highly displayed their R290 compressor series with a cooling capacity from 800W to 7300W and applicable to air conditioning and dehumidifiers. 
DÜRR introduced their thermeCO2 HHR/HHS series, which has 11 models and a heating capacity range from 51kW to 1,100 kW. The high temperature heat pump can reach temperatures as high as 90°C and simultaneously provides a refrigeration function with temperatures down to -10°C. The unit can recover heat from 40°C.  

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By Caixia Mao

Apr 17, 2015, 17:54

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