Driers, sensors and valves… and more! at Chillventa 2014 – Part 2

By Elke Milner, Oct 30, 2014, 17:49 5 minute reading

Chillventa 2014 proved itself to be a paradise for refrigeration, cooling and heating solutions with natural refrigerants. More than 40 companies showcasing CO2 components for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications travelled to the trade fair, organised in Nuremburg, Germany on 14-16 October. This is the second article looking specifically at the suppliers of refrigerants, valves, driers and sensors. +PHOTOS

A-Gas: In response to market demand for natural CO2 cooling solutions in supermarkets, A-Gas offers their sustainably sourced natural refrigerant eCO2, a new high specification CO2 refrigerant sustainably produced from waste sugar beet. The waste beet does not compete with other food sources, and the raw carbon dioxide recovery process releases no new CO2 into the atmosphere.  In addition to A-Gas’s ultra-environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant gas, the company also offers CO2 analysis services to ensure the correct purity and moisture levels of CO2 in refrigeration systems as well as a full range of environmental services for the recovery and reclamation of environmentally sensitive products such as CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, halon and associated products.
AccuTools: AccuTools presented its eL-720 carbon dioxide gas leak detector, one of the most technologically advanced of its kind. The fully automatic detector combines low power requirements, compactness and high sensitivity to effectively locate hard to find leaks. The eL-720 can detect concentrations of CO2 as low as 400 ppm over ambient.
Autrial: Autrial offers comprehensive electrical engineering solutions to provide customised responses to its customers’ needs. The company manufactures controls solutions suitable for CO2 systems in industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning and heating.
Fischer Kalteklima: On display at the Fischer booth was the new TK3 optoelectronic oil level regulator suitable for high pressure CO2 systems for electronic control and regulation of the oil level of compressors operating in composite systems on a common oil system, allowing for individual control and monitoring of each compressor. 
IGLOO: Italian manufacturer IGLOO displayed sight glasses, brass fittings and access valves suitable for use with CO2. IGLOO’s sight glasses function in a broad range of temperatures, from -30° to +80°C and provide a reliable indication of high system moisture content, of the lack of subcooling or of low system charge. The company’s brass fittings and access valves comply with a number of standards. 
Reftek: Reftek’s ECO2 RBV ball valves are designed specifically for up to 45 bar CO2 applications, while the company’s ECO2 OPTI Series is designed for use in up to 120 bar CO2 applications. In addition to these copper valves, Reftek also produces a stainless steel tube series for CO2 ball valves for the high pressure side of cooling systems. Reftek also produces a number of system safety valves and brass Rotalock valves suitable for use with CO2. Reftek’s bi-flow RBV-refrigerant ball valves are designed for commercial, residential and industrial refrigeration systems and are suitable for use with refrigerant R744. The valves are TIG welded to ensure extra tightness.
Saginomiya: As a response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly systems using natural refrigerants, Saginomiya has solidified its position as a major supplier of parts for CO2 heat pump hot water systems such as pressure controls (type CCB), pressure sensors (type HSK), solenoid valves (type HPV), and electronic expansion valves (type UKV-J, JKV).
Samon: Swedish company Samon develops and manufactures products focused on gas detection equipment for the refrigeration industry. The company displayed its transmitters, multipoint units and detectors with relay outputs designed for use with CO2 and other refrigerants.
Schick: Schick is a supplier of natural refrigerant R744 that believes CO2 has a bright future as an environmentally friendly cooling agent. The company has available CO2 quality 4.5 in either 10 or 30 kg returnable bottles.
Teklab: Teklab presented its TK3 oil level regulators, of which the 80 bar and 120 bar models are suitable for use with CO2. The oil level regulators use embedded electro-optic sensors and comprise a solenoid valve for oil filing and a relay output contact to sound an alarm. The TK1 level control unit is also compatible with CO2. The K25 level switch on show can be used in both CO2 transcritical and subcritical applications. Teklab’s Multi Point Level System is a modular system composed of a determined number of multi-point level measuring modules and a unit for level analysis that collects information from all the measuring modules and is able to give a visual indication and transmit information about level status to other devices and signal alarms.
Transfer Oil: Transfer Oil specialises in the development, production and distribution of thermoplastic hoses for various industries. On display at the company’s booth was its QUADRA system, comprised of thermoplastic flexible capillary hose, fittings available in brass and steel and dedicated tools. The QUADRA products are available in three dimensions (DN2, DN4, and DN6), all of which can be used with CO2 up to 120 bar from -45° – 130°C.
US Refrigeration Controls: French company US Reco specialises in industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and fluid control components. US Reco supplies its industrial customers with a complete package of refrigeration fluid controls including modulating & back pressure regulators (with pressostatic, thermostatic, pneumatic and electronic pilots), solenoid valves, strainers, check valves, liquid level float switches, liquid indicators, hand valves (ball, service, 3-Way, expansion, cap, hand wheel, etc…), relief valves, rupture discs, fittings, oil control components, suction accumulators, receivers, insulation tubes, etc., most of which are compatible with CO2 and ammonia systems.
Wigam: The Italian equipment manufacturer, founded in 1976, focuses its development and manufacturing activities on the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Wigam produces an entire component range for use with R744, including a digital manifold, a CO2 regulator, a kit of flexible hoses, a programmable electronic scale for CO2 and an electronic leak detector.
Wika: A world market leader in pressure and temperature metrology, Wika develops high quality metrology components also compatible with environmentally friendly refrigeration and air conditioning solutions. The company’s R-1 pressure sensor is fully compatible with CO2 refrigeration plants, and its CO2 sensor type A2G-85 is designed to sense CO2 using real time CO2 measurements to determine actual occupancy during the day. 
WITT Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH: A German company founded more than 100 years ago, WITT specialises in industrial refrigeration, designing developing and producing refrigerant pumps, float regulators, pressure vessel units and other refrigeration components.
Zila: Zila displayed its CO2-switch CSC 1 designed to control ventilation systems as well as its DB-1000/2_V3, which combines a safety pressure limiter with a pressure limiter in one case, which are able to work independently of one another.


By Elke Milner

Oct 30, 2014, 17:49

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