Growing interest in CO2 products - view from 2013 China Refrigeration

By Janaina Topley Lira, Apr 12, 2013, 11:37 4 minute reading

At the 2013 China Refrigeration Exhibition in Shanghai more international and Chinese system manufacturers and suppliers showcased CO2 products than in previous years. Especially for commercial refrigeration and heat pumps, R744 solutions could become a serious competitor, provided the right conditions are in place. looks at exhibitors with CO2 products on display. + PHOTOS 

At the 24th China Refrigeration Exhibition, held from 8-10 April 2013 in Shanghai, various market players confirmed CO2 technology is a hot topic in today’s discussions about trends for the years to come. In particular with regards to commercial refrigeration and heating solutions, China could, once appropriate standards are harmonised and a decisive decision is taken by the government, become a steep growth market for R744. Key manufacturers in this field showcased their latest CO2 products and R&D. Some manufacturers and suppliers like Danfoss, Bitzer and Yantai Moon Group also organised technology seminars to introduce their latest CO2 technology and applications in China., gold partners

Alfa Laval: The heat exchanger expert displayed its Optigo CC Single airflow cooler used for freezing and cooling applications designed to use CO2.  Alfa Laval also exhibited brazed plate heat exchangers. Its CBXP heat exchanger is suitable for transcritical CO2 systems, such as in supermarket cooling and heat pumps. They can be used as suction gas heaters, subcoolers, evaporators or as cascade heat exchangers in cascade CO2 systems.

Carel: The supplier of valves and controls for CO2 and ammonia solutions showcased components for CO2 transcritical Booster (pRack pR300T) and CO2 Cascade Subcritical (pRack pR300) systems. Carel also show exhibited its DPWL CO2 leakage sensors and  EEVS electronic expansion valves.

Carrier: Carrier displayed its HybridCO2OLTM refrigeration system in the "UNEP Ozon2Climate Technology Roadshow" exhibition accompanying the trade show. HybridCO2OLTM is a CO2 cascade solution keeping high efficiency levels as compared to conventional HFC direct expansion systems in all seasons. The system has already had many applications in China’s cold storages and supermarkets.
Danfoss: Danfoss exhibited a series of state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies with natural refrigerants and their applications in China. This year, the company displayed its star product, the ICF valve station. The valve is designed for both low and high pressure refrigerants and for industrial refrigeration applications with a maximum working pressure of 52 ba. It is especially suitable for CO2 and for industrial refrigeration secondary cooling systems with ammonia and CO2. The ICF Valve Station won the ‘Best Innovation Award’ at the Asia 2012 Brewery Green Technology Summit in China.
Dorin: This year the compressor manufacturer showcased its CD Range of CO2 compressors for subcritical and transcritical applications. Taking into consideration the operating conditions of a transcritical CO2 compressor, Dorin has developed a new compressor platform by modifying a standard HFCs compressor. Its single stage compressors, CD-M and CD-H, are both able to operate in transcritical condition. CD-2S, the double-stage compressors can operate in transcritical condition for commercial refrigeration and refrigerated transport.

GEA Refrigeration: GEA exhibited the several CO2 compressors: the GEA HGX12P subcritical CO2 applications for industrial and commercial refrigeration; and the GEA HGX34 CO2 T compressor, a semi-hermetic four cylinder reciprocating compressor that can be used both in transcritical and subcritical systems.

Parker: Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, showcased their series of industrial refrigeration valves. Parker displayed its CK-2D and LLSS valves that can handle high pressure in CO2 systems and the Sporlan line of CO2 gas cooler valves, developed for supermarket refrigeration systems., silver partners

Bitzer: Bitzer showcased their semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, including model 2MSL-4K for subcritical CO2 commercial refrigeration applications and model 4KTC-30K for transcritical CO2

Emerson: At the booth, Emerson presented its Copeland Scroll™ compressors for CO2 applications. Emerson also showcased its applications of CO2 refrigeration in the food retail sector and for mobile air conditioning, and ammonia and R290 uses in industrial refrigeration. 

Frascold: The Italian compressor manufacturer exhibited its semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for CO2 subcritical applications. The new range of semi-hermetic compressor for CO2 subcritical applications has been developed to include higher condensing and evaporating pressures within the standard application limits by increasing the compressor’s design pressure.

SWEP: SWEP presented its B9 CO2 gas cooler for commercial refrigeration. The B9 gas cooler is designed to operate at supercritical CO2 pressures. Based on the AsyMatrix concept and pioneering plate technology, the gas cooler can offer higher COP at lower system cost. bronze sponsors

Castel: At this year’s China Refrigeration Exhibition, Castel was also present and displayed several CO2 products including check valves, sight glasses, filter driers and ball valves for CO2 subcritical applications.

Part of the Güntner group, the company showcased its plate heat exchanger for high pressure applications. The Thermo Plus heat exchanger can be used in NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration systems, ammonia systems, CO2 condensers and CO2 evaporators. It can also be used in mining in the pressure breaker or central cooler; or in the pressure breaker of high rise buildings. 



By Janaina Topley Lira

Apr 12, 2013, 11:37

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