Chillventa 2012: partner products on display - Part 2

By Alessia Rubatto, Oct 23, 2012, 12:18 5 minute reading

At the Chillventa 2012 trade show a number of new innovative natural refrigerant-based solutions were on display. In this second article we bring you an overview of partners and CO2 products they showcased. + PHOTOS

Advansor: Advansor displayed different CO2 packs with various low and medium temperature capacities, including: compSUPERXS unit suitable for small supermarkets, kiosks and petrol stations with low cost, simple and easy maintenance; compINDUSTRI for light industrial applications; and compSUPER for both supermarkets and light industry with low temperature capacity ranging from 0 to 125 kW and medium temperature capacity from 50 to 165 kW.

Carel: The supplier of solutions and control systems for the retail market showcased components for CO2 Transcritical Booster (pRack pR300T) and CO2 Cascade Subcritical (pRack pR300) systems. Existing controllers add external components such as electronic expansion valve drivers, external actuators as well as more powerful controllers to improve the efficiency were also on display. In addition, Carel dispalyed at the booth ExV sistema electronic expansion valves and Carel Water Loop Speed Compressors.

Danfoss: One of the leading companies specialised in automatic controls, compressors and electronic sensors displayed at its stand controllers, including AK PC 783; electronically operated transcritical valves designed for high pressure CO2 systems with maximum working pressure of 140 bar, such as CCMT and ICMTS; CCM electronically operated valves, gas bypass and expansion for CO2 transcritical systems; electronic solenoid valves with lower power consumption; ICLX – a two-step control valve; and a transcritical filter dryer. Danfoss also presented Flexline platform designed for industrial refrigeration and suitable for CO2 ammonia and other refrigerants. The SVL Flexline, new line components suitable for CO2 sub-critical and heat pumps, uses just two basic valve houses and the platform offers five different functions.

Green & Cool: One of the market’s leading suppliers of refrigeration systems that use environment-friendly carbon dioxide as a refrigerant presented the Crystal unit with double temperature range (refrigeration and freezer or freezer and air conditioning), available in different sizes and configurations. The single range CO2 unit Mistral for refrigeration, freezers, air conditioning and heat pumps, was also displayed at the company’s stand.

HB Products: HB Products launched at the trade show new products, including an optimised analogue sensor HBLC-CO2 for level measurement of CO2 as well as a new level controller HBLT-C1 for pump separators, receivers and economisers.

Parker: Parker Hannifin, the world's leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, presented at Chillventa a variety of newly designed R744 gas cooler valves GS Series. With a range from 25kW to 700kW these valves have quick and evenly biased flow resolution provided by 2500 steps and 6.5 sec full stroke. Parker also showed R744 GC-FGB Interface Board – a single IB for for driving both Gas Cooler and Flash gas By-Pass valves.

Agramkow: AGRAMKOW, a leading company in refrigerant charging systems and functional test equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industries, showcased the unique massflow based CO2 charging station EMAC.

Baltimore Aircoil Company: The company had on display at its booth open and closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers, including the new CXVE evaporative condenser.

ESK Schultze: Germany-based component supplier for the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry displayed several products for CO2 sub-critical applications: CO2 Liquid Receiver with maximum working pressure of 45 bar, R744 Oil Separator, CO2 Oil Reservoir, and Filter Dryers.

Henry Technologies: The global provider of engineered products which control the flow of liquids and gases, and components to enhance the efficiency systems, had on display a new range of CO2 pressure relief valves that are EN ISO 4126 compliant. The key feature is the relief valves close within 15% of the set pressure following a discharge situation. Among the displayed products suitable for CO2 applications were also vibration eliminators, replaceable core filter driers, sealed filter driers features and a Magni-Chek ValveTM that uses magnetic attraction to return the valve plate to its seat rather than spring pressure.

Refrigera: Leader in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning Refrigera had on display a range of R744-suitable valves for pressures of 52 and 120bar.

Temprite: The leader in oil separation innovation specialising in energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators for all refrigerants from ammonia to CO2 exhibited at Chillventa the 130 Series, a line of CO2 coalescent oil separators for transcritical CO2 applications up to 130 bar. Also displayed were the 920R Series coalescent oil separators compatible with both ammonia and subcritical CO2 refrigeration systems and designed for 650 PSI and Temprite’s RES7 reservoir specially designed to work with the Series 130 coalescent oil separators for CO2.

Friterm: One of the main manufacturers of finned-type heat exchangers in Europe and market leader in Turkey, Friterm advertised at the trade show CO2 evaporator, CO2 gas coolers/condensers designed for transcritical and sub-critical cycles, and outdoor installation.

Ixetic: Leading global manufacturer of hydraulic and vacuum pumps for the automotive industry brought to Nuremberg its R744 compressors with up to 1,200 W cooling capacity and 10 kW heating power Heat Pumps.

Karyer: One of the leading manufacturers & exporters of heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers, Karyer introduced a new range of DX-Evaporators with a maximum operating pressure of 75barg to be used with CO2 refrigerant. R744 gas coolers with a maximum operating pressure of 120barg are manufactured with 5 and 7mm diameter tubes.

Linde: Linde Gas Benelux is a reliable supplier of refrigerants and technical gases in the Netherlands and Belgium. Linde supplies customers cost effective natural refrigerants which include ammonia (R717), carbon dioxide (R744) and high-quality hydrocarbons including isobutane (R600a), propane (R290), propylene (R1270) and blends of these products.

thermea: German company developing, manufacturing and distributing high temperature heat pumps (90 °C) and refrigeration machines (-10 °C) with natural CO2 refrigerant for industrial processes presented in Nuremberg the thermeco2 series high temperature heat pumps and liquid chillers consists of 11 sizes which covers a range from 45 to 1 000 kW heating capacity and 40 to 650 kW refrigeration capacity.

thermowave: Plate heat exchanger thermoPlus characterised by the outstanding efficiency in high pressure applications with natural refrigerants such as CO2 and NH3 was shown at the thermowave booth.



By Alessia Rubatto

Oct 23, 2012, 12:18

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