Your Guide to partners exhibiting at Chillventa 2012 – Part 2 

By Janaina Topley Lira, Aug 31, 2012, 12:52 3 minute reading

With preparations for Chillventa in full swing in this second guide to partners exhibiting at the trade show, we look at the bronze partners present and some of the other companies active in CO2 cooling showcasing their natural refrigerant technologies at this leading HVAC&R event.

Taking place every two years, this year Chillventa will take place from the 9-11 October 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany. The Chillventa Congressing will start on Monday 8 October. will be present in Hall 6 booth 240. Bronze partners exhibiting:
Armaturenwerk Altenburg (Hall 5/ Booth215): A leading supplier of mechanical refrigerant stop valves, check valves, angle valves, and other components, including solutions for subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems.
Castel s.r.l (Hall 6 / Booth 229): Castel offers innovative products for CO2 refrigeration and air conditioning such as ball valves, liquid indicators, filer driers, check valves and safety valves.
DSI (Hall 5/ Booth 104): DSI is a leading company involved in designing and manufacturing manually-operated and automatic plate freezers.
FRITERM (Hall 5/ Booth 307): FRITERM specialises in finned type heat exchangers and produced of Air Cooled Condensers, Air Coolers, Dry Coolers, Water/Steam Air Heaters and Coolers, Oil Coolers and Heat Recovery Coils, and CO2 gas coolers.
ixetic (Hall 7/ Booth 325): ixetic is a leading company in the development of R744 air-conditioning compressors worldwide.
Karyer (Hall 2/ Booth 107): Karyer is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Heat Exchangers, Evaporators and Condensers capable of both serial production and custom projects. Its heat exchangers are CO2 compatible.
KLIMAL ITALIA S.R.L. (Hall 2/ Booth 511): The manufacturer of refrigeration components, manufactures pressure vessels and heat exchangers including for CO2 applications.
Linde Gas Benelux (Hall 4/ Booth 208): A supplier of refrigerants and technical gases in the Netherlands and Belgium, Linde’s experience includes the bulk-filling of new-build installations with R744.
MAJA-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 4/ Booth 402): MAJA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of de-rinding, membrane-skinning and automatic flake-ice machinery, also using CO2.
thermea Energiesysteme GmbH (Hall 7/ Booth 534): thermea produces high temperature heat pumps using carbon dioxide as working fluid with heating capacities of 1 MW and higher for industrial applications. 
Other companies offering CO2 solutions:
Dena Line Spa (Hall 5 / Booth 411): A European market leader for the production of valves for fridge compressors, air conditioning and cooling plants, including those operating with carbon dioxide
DK-Kälteanlagen GmbH (Hall 5/ Booth 107): On the occasion of CHILLVENTA 2010, DK will present a heat recovery system for transcritical CO2 refrigeration plants including an improved parallel connection of the heat exchangers.
Frigoteam Handels GmbH (Hall 1/ Booth 117): Since 1994 Frigoteam Handels has developed environmentally friendly refrigeration systems. Products include the CO2 R723 blast freezing facility.
FRIMETAL, S.A. (Hall 4/ Booth 214): The Spanish Company manufactures evaporators, condensers and various kinds of heat exchanging coils of finned tube for the commercial and industrial refrigeration market as well as for air conditioning. Products include CO2 evaporators and condensers.
Gökceler Ic ve Dis Tic. Sog. Sist. A.S. (Hall 1/ Booth 339): The Turkish company manufacture spare parts for the refrigeration industry. Products include those suitable for 46 bars working pressure for CO2 applications. 
Hansen Technologies Europe GmbH (Hall 5/ Booth 205): A leader in designing and manufacturing components for large industrial and commercial refrigeration system the company is currently expanding into the CO2 refrigeration market.
Huurre (Hall 4/ Booth 406): Huurre installs and services CO2-plants. Products include the Eco Oy refrigeration rack designed for refrigerant CO2.
Shrieve (Hall 4/ Booth 608): Shrieve is a specialist supplier of lubricant and chemical products across a wide-range of end-use industries, including for CO2 applications. 
Space Engineering Services (Hall 2/ Booth 423): Space Engineering Services are UK wide specialists in refrigeration, HVAC, facilities maintenance and mechanical & electrical contracting, and a leading manufacturer of CO2 refrigeration plants. 
thermowave GmbH: The company provides efficient and reliable plate heat exchangers, including for high pressure applications with CO2.
U.S. Refrigeration Controls (Hall 4/ Booth 628): The company offere refrigeration fluid controls such as liquid indicators, receivers, and oil control components, including for CO2 refrigerant.
VULKAN LOKRING Rohrverbindungen GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 2/ Booth 217): The company produces patented, unique tube connections for refrigerant lines.

If you are planning to exhibit R744 products at chillventa but are not mentioned in the above list please get in touch.



By Janaina Topley Lira

Aug 31, 2012, 12:52

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