Latest R744 product innovations displayed at Mostra Convegno

By Janaina Topley Lira, Apr 03, 2012, 00:00 6 minute reading

Every two years the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) trade fair for heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning, attracts the who’s who of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The 38th edition, held from March 27 to 30, 2012 at Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre, had energy efficiency and sustainability at it’s heart, with many companies showcasing their climate and ozone friendly CO

With 2,100 exhibitors and 155,000 visitors, MCE is one of the leading international exhibitions for the HVAC&R sector. Below, reports from the event on the latest R744 products on show.
CO2 compressors and systems
GEA Bock: At Mostra Convegno, GEA Refrigeration Technologies presented its broad range of Bock CO2 compressors for subcritical and transcritical application areas. On display at the stand was the semi-hermetic 4-cylinder HGX34/230-4 CO2T compressor for use in CO2 transcritical applications. The compressor features the smallest possible piston diameter for maximum efficiency with CO2, has replaceable motors for easy maintenance, and maximum permissible pressures of 100/150 bar (LP/HP).
Dorin: Showcasing all their latest products, Dorin had on display their semi-hermetic CO2 compressor CD 400 for transcritical applications. Part of the CD compressor range, the widest CO2 range on the market, these compressors have 2 and 4 cylinders, can operate with working pressures of up 150 bar, differential pressures up to 120 bar and a 200°C discharge temperature. The CO2 compressors are suitable for heat pump, commercial, and refrigerated transport systems.
Bitzer: At the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort trade fair, BITZER unveiled its extended range of BITZER ECOLINE reciprocating compressors, new ORBIT 6 scroll compressor series, and new transcritical CO2 OCTAGON models. The R744 semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors have an extended capacity range with displacement up to 25.6m3/h, wear-resistant drive gear and 160 bar permitted on the high pressure side and 100 bar on the low pressure side. OCTAGON models for CO2 subcritical applications up to 53 bar were also on show.
Emerson: On display at the Emerson stand was the Copeland Scroll Compressor for R744 designed for high efficiency in subcritical application. The ZO compressor range transfers the Copeland Scroll technology to low temperature cascade systems using CO2. With an extended operating envelope the ZO compressors can boost system efficiency, for example when lifting the setpoint of the medium temperature side during low load night operation.
Frascold: Italian company Frascold had on display the “ECOinside” and CO2-SK2 technology. Designed for cascade systems using two different refrigerants, when used in a hybrid system the two compressors lower the HFC charge. The CO2-SK2 technology has a maximum pressure of 55 bar on the high pressure side and 30 bar on the low pressure side, built-in safety valves, and valve plates optimised for CO2.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: The company launched their Q-ton CO2 refrigerant heat pump for industrial water heater systems for use at outside air temperatures down to -25°C. The 30kW Q-ton uses the world’s first two-stage GSR compressors, which has the advantage of being able to recover gas recirculation into the vaporizer and provides high compression efficiency, and can reach a COP of 4.3.
Aldes: At the Aldes stand the Sanden CO2 heat pump for domestic hot water was on display, which has a 150litre capacity, and produces enough hot water for a shower in only 20 minutes when switched on from cold. Suitable for both new build and refurbished homes the flexible CO2 heat pump can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal layout, and will be available in Italy as from December 2012.
Pumps, controls, heat exchangers and other components
Carel: Presenting their latest news and products, Carel launched at the MCE 2012 a new product, the optimist, an evaporative cooler and humidifier for Air Handling Units. Also on display was the touch screen user interface for HVAC&R applications, the pGD Touch, designed to offer a simple and user-friendly user interface for controllers, and the tERA, a new CAREL platform for remote control management. 
Grundfos: Their CO2 RC pump technology was displayed in the product brochure. For industrial use, the RC pump has a maximum pressure of 52 bar, temperature range of -55°C to +40°C, and available in a 50Hz and 60Hz model.
Refrigera: Italian-based Refrigera presented their range of joints, headers, valves and adapters for HVAC&R and VRF systems, including products suitable for CO2, with a maximum working pressure of 52 bar and 120 bar for use in transcritical cycles. On display were the sight glass mounting CuFe2P alloy connections suitable for high-pressure CO2 applications.
SWEP: The specialist in brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) launched an entire range of CO2 compatible products at Mostra including the B9 highly efficient CO2 gas cooler, designed to operate at supercritical CO2 pressures; the BDW16DW ultra high pressure unit and the B17 high pressure unit for transcritical CO2 applications. These products will be featured in an upcoming article.
Castel: Castel were proud to launch their new catalogue “GO GREEN” 2012 that introduced several new products for R744, including ball valves, check valves and moisture indicators, each with a maximum working pressure of 75 bar; solid core filter driers with a maximum working pressure of 52 bar; and filter driers with a maximum working pressure of 62 bar. These products will also be featured in an upcoming article.
Friterm: Turkish company Friterm displayed their R744 evaporators. The CO2 Evaporators are specially designed for cold room and frozen storage room applications working in the subcritical and transcritical cycle with a maximum working pressure of 60 bar. They have a robust galvanised steel casing with high corrosion resistance and copper or special copper alloy tubes.
Karyer: A leading manufacturer of copper tube/ aluminium finned heat exchangers, the Turkish company showcased their CO2 compatible evaporators, condensers and coils for refrigeration. Karyer is introducing a new range of DX-Evaporators to be used with R744, with a maximum operating pressure of 75 bar. CO2 Unit Coolers for cold rooms can be manufactured upon request, whilst Karyer also manufactures Gas coolers with a maximum working pressure or 120 bar and Ø5 mm and Ø7 mm tubes.
Lu-Ve: The company displayed their CO2 BMD unit cooler. The super-efficient Turbocoil 2 heat exchanger has the highest possible ratio of capacity to cost. It is manufactured with small diameter, high-efficiency copper tubes with inner helical grooving, and the CO2 version is specifically designed for the high-pressure refrigerant.
Carly: An expert in line components for refrigeration systems for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, Carly showcased several products compatible with R744 transcritical applications, including filter driers, and sight glasses.

Dixell: DIXELL, part of Emerson Climate Technologies, displayed their XC1000 series for compressor and condensing fan monitoring and management of medium-large compressor racks, designed for applications up to 15 compressor/fan outputs. The new version 1.6 ensures subcritical CO2 regulation, whilst other features include reduced set point for energy saving management and hourly run time signals for maintenance. Also in display was the iProRACK, a programmable controller for compressor racks.
Stefani: With expertise in manufacturing dry coolers, remote condensers and liquid coolers, the Italian company showcased their industrial cooling products for food processing and storage applications, suitable for several refrigerants, including CO2.
Wieland-Werke AG: The company exhibited their range of high-quality tubes, including the Wieland-K65, characterised by high pressure resistance. The material makes it possible to use natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R744), with high pressures and considerably reduced tube walls. Wieland organised so-called “theme days” during which a number of product solutions were presented, with experts in hand to answer questions regarding Wieland-K65.


By Janaina Topley Lira

Apr 03, 2012, 00:00

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