R744 products at Chillventa 2010 - part 1

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An impressive number of companies presented last week their CO2 solutions at Chillventa 2010, the leading HVAC&R event in Germany. In this first article, R744.com provides you with an overview, as well as an Image gallery of a selection of product launches and CO2 solutions on display. + IMAGE GALLERY

This year’s edition of Chillventa revealed a growing interest in CO2 technology. Several of the existing players launched new product ranges, while more and more newcomers are now either already deploying or at least exploring CO2.

CO2 products on display

  • MAYEKAWA: The leading company in the production of industrial refrigeration compressor units showcased its J-series screw compressor, with innovative new rotor profile. J-series can be used with CO2 refrigerant as well as NH3 or hydrocarbons and offers significant energy savings for low temperature applications. MAYEKAWA also showcased its 6HS high pressure reciprocating compressor, part of its HS-series high pressure compressors that can be used in CO2 refrigeration applications. When used in CO2 refrigeration, the HS series compressor can also be used for defrosting of the system up to 20°C, in addition to the refrigeration duty. Finally, the company presented it heatCO2m heat pump system that generates hot water by recovering heat energy from any waste source. Suitable for both industrial and commercial uses, the heatCO2m has the capacity to produce up to 22000L of hot water at an inlet temperature of 15°C and an outlet temperature of 90°C.
  • Emerson Climate Technologies: Thhe leading expert for HVAC/R solutions launched Stream series, a brand new line of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors which includes a dedicated range of CO2-transcritical models. This coincided with the launch of CX series high pressure expansion valves which are targeting R744 gas cooler applications. Finally, expanding its ZO series of scroll compressors for CO2-subcritical, the company showcased an additional model and the introduction of the innovative sound shell.
  • Henry Technologies showcased a wide range of refrigeration components for use with CO2, including rupture discs, pressure relief valves, oil level regulators and oil separator reservoirs to name a few.
  • DORIN: The Italian compressor specialist launched the SCC semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor range for CO2 subcritical applications during Chillventa. The new SCC range features maximum standstill pressure of 36 bar and highest reliability. The company also presented the CD-B range, a new semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor range for CO2 subcritical applications, featuring maximum standstill pressure of 90 bar and highest reliability.
  • Parker showcased its transcritical CO2 gas cooler electric expansion valves, filter driers and solenoid valves. More importantly, the company presented several prototypes in development, including a transcritical CO2 low capacity electric expansion valve prototype and transcritical CO2 electric suction modulation valve prototype. Moreover, the company showcased its industrial CO2 components.
  • Danfoss showcased several of its CO2 products for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, including ADAP KOOL evaporator controls, electronic expansion valve AKVH and CCM gas bypass and expansion valves, AKS 4100 liquid level sensor for industrial refrigeration and ICV valves for CO2, to name a few.
  • Bitzer displayed its further developed OCTAGON CO2 semi-hermetic, reciprocating compressors for subcritical and transcritical CO2 applications. Products on display included models 4DSL-10K and 2MSL-07K for subcritical CO2 applications and model 4FTC-30K for transcritical applications.
  • Frascold: The compressor manufacturer presented its SK series of semi-hermetic compressors for CO2 applications in subcritical cascade systems as well as its TK series of semi-hermetic compressors for CO2 applications in transcritical systems with operating pressure up to 130 bar.
  • ESK Schultze presented new products for R744, including oil separators, oil reservoirs, 100 bar and 40 bar suction line accumulators, as well as filter driers.
  • SCM Frigo displayed its transcritical CO2 booster system, combining a subcritical pack and a transcritical pack - an ideal solution for managing the low temperature as well as the medium temperature range efficiently.
  • Bock presented HG34 CO2 T, a new semi-hermetic, 4-cylinder compressor for transcritical CO2 applications, with capacity stages from 9.8 to 20m3/h and with the smallest possible piston diameter for maximum efficiency. Other models on display included HGX46/350-4 CO2T planned for market introduction in July 2011 and HAX 2/70-4 CO2 T compressor. Moreover, Bock has expanded its programme of subcritical compressors with the model HG12P/30-4CO2 with 2.8m3/h capacity stages.
CO2 explored at UBA workshop on natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration

Although not present with a dedicated booth, CO2 refrigeration specialists Green & Cool and Advansor provided their insights on CO2 transcritical commercial refrigeration at the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) organised ‘Workshop of the EU project SPIN, Commercial Refrigeration with Natural Refrigerants, Perspectives for Craftsmen’. The two companies estimate that the number of transcritical CO2 commercial refrigeration installations in Europe amounts today to about 700. 



By R744.com team (@r744)

Oct 19, 2010, 16:11

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