Live Webinars at ATMO Virtual Trade Show Cover Wide Range of NatRef Topics

By Tine Stausholm, Mar 29, 2021, 17:01 10 minute reading

Read detailed descriptions of the online sessions scheduled March 30-31.

The following is a list of the live webinars scheduled during the ATMO  Virtual Trade show on natural refrigerant technologies, scheduled for March 30-31. There will be two auditoriums, each having a full 24-hour schedule.

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March 30

10 am CET/Auditorium 1:   Natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration: a step forward with high efficiency solutions - Carel

Miriam Solana, HVAC/R Engineer, HVAC/R Knowledge Centre, Carel

Matteo Dal Corso, Application Manager - Food Retail, Retail Solutions, Sales & Marketing dept., Carel

Marco Fusca, Application Specialist - Retail Solutions, Sales & Marketing dept., Carel. 

The availability of more and more technologies that facilitate the use of natural refrigerants, driven by the global objective of reducing CO2 emissions, are changing the standards for commercial refrigeration. The aim of this presentation is to give an overview of the current regulations for retail applications with natural refrigerants and present CAREL's new efficient solutions that can help face this challenging scenario.

10:30 am CET/Auditorium 2 

Copeland R290 Single Circuit Solution for Integral Display Case with Variable Speed Scroll – Emerson

Olivier Liegeois, Marketing Refrigeration Director for Retail Sector in Europe, Emerson

Eric Winandy, Director OEM Solutions Development and Sales, Emerson

Maurizio Zago, Product Manager Systems, Emerson

Emerson has developed tailored solutions for Integral Displace Cases with Natural Refrigerant R290, based on company know-how on horizontal scroll compressors, drives, controls and refrigeration system understanding. The presentation explains the benefits of such solutions in terms of enhanced performance & operation, reduced time to market & complexity, improved system reliability & reduced down time and in which applications they can be used.           

11 am CET/Auditorium 1

AxiEco: Efficient and save – ebm-papst

Patrick Stern, Product & Market Manager, ebm-papst

The new axial fan range AxiEco in the sizes from 300 to 500 mm is extremely efficient and so it reaches even the requirements for the next step of the EU Eco-Design Directive for fans. Furthermore, due to its characteristic the AxiEco is very quiet and can handle high back pressures. Fitted with special motors and motor electronics the AxiEco fans can be used for cooling equipment and heat pumps with flammable refrigerants.

11:30 am CET/Auditorium 2

CO2 Transcritical Technology in Industrial Refrigeration Systems - Dorin

Giacomo Pisano, Sales Manager, Dorin

Carbon dioxide (CO2 - R744) has been identified as one of the best alternatives to HFCs in many market sectors, this thanks to its environment benign features and its excellent performance in many applications. However, due to lack of large CO2 components carbon dioxide has not yet penetrated the industrial refrigeration market and ammonia (R717) has been in so far the preferred choice for larger duties (e.g. > 500 kW). However, though ammonia is an excellent refrigerant, its application may lead to legislative and efficiency drawbacks linked to its safe use. Nevertheless, new large CO2 transcritical compressors are now available leading to CO2 systems consistent cost reduction. This work deals with a performance and cost comparison between the CO2 and ammonia execution of a large refrigeration systems. The systems layouts are described as well as the CO2 efficiency achieved with parallel compression and ejectors.

12:00 pm CET/Auditorium 1

Long-term chiller solutions: different refrigerant characteristics and their impacts - Teko

Andreas Meier, Managing Director, TEKO

We are taking a look at different refrigerants used for chiller applications, like HFOs, propane, ammonia and CO2 – regarding their pros and cons. What has to be considered in terms of safety, flammability or toxicity? What influences do the refrigerants have on components, maintenance and service, efficiency and cost-effectiveness? The corresponding answers are be given in our presentation by Andreas Meier. ​

12:30 pm CET/Auditorium 2  

LEAP makes access to natural refrigerants, exceptionally easy - Novum

Eoin Lennon, Head of Sustainability and Innovation, Novum

Through LEAP’s low noise, low heat rejection, optimum capacity range of plug-in freezers, the move to natural refrigeration is simple. All LEAP™ enabled freezers are carefully factory tuned prior to departure, all you need to do is plug and play on arrival and you will reap all the benefits of natural refrigeration combined with the additional benefits of LEAP™ technology. If reducing energy usage, achieving sustainability targets, reducing labour routines, maintaining food integrity, achieving agile store design and minimising maintenance costs is of interest to you, this presentation is not to be missed.

1 pm CET/Auditorium 1

A perfect fit: Good (organic) food and cool stores – RefNat4LIFE

Antoine Azar, Managing Director, Sustainable Solutions, & Project Manager / Senior Expert, HEAT

Collin Bootsveld, Project Engineer, Colruyt Group

Britta Paetzold, Project Manager, HEAT

Why are natural refrigerants a perfect fit for small, organic retailers? It's as simple as that: combined with high energy efficiency, they reduce a store's heating and cooling GHG emissions to a minimum, forming a key component of a store or retailer’s sustainability strategy. The Refrigerants, Naturally! 4 LIFE (RefNat4LIFE) project supports the switch to climate friendly cooling in Europe’s small, organic food retail sector. The Belgian Colruyt Group has gained valuable experience in switching to natural refrigerants in small and large stores alike, and is encouraging others to follow suit. They are also sharing their experiences during the webinar. The Refrigerants, Naturally! association offers a platform for joint commitment in support of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants - natural refrigerants. Find out more about what the association has to offer and their vision for the future.

1:30 pm CET/Auditorium 2

The future is natural refrigerants only – Refolution 

Thomas Frank, CEO, Refolution Industriekälte

Technical refrigeration started with natural refrigerants. In the 19th century, handling natural refrigerants was challenging since the technology was not ready. Easier to handle chemical refrigerants were developed in the 1930s, but they have shown to be dangerous to the health of humans and nature. The past has shown that bringing tonnes of chemicals into the environment has a negative impact. With having established technology for natural refrigerants available there is no need for chemical refrigerants any more. After banning ODP refrigerants and phasing out HFCs (High GWP) refrigerants it is now time to use natural refrigerants only and skip the new chemical HFO refrigerants and avoid another global disaster.   

2 pm CET (8 am EDT)/Auditorium 1  

Industrial Applications – Future Green Now

Wynand Groenewald, Founder, Future Green Now

Samantha Bothma, Design Engineering Consultant, Future Green Now

This presentation shows the impact of HFC and HFO refrigerants and how to perfectly solve the any refrigeration task with natural refrigerants only     

2:30 CET (8:30 am EDT)/Auditorium 2   Leak and We Shall Find - Bacharach

Tony Powell, EU Strategic Account Manager, Bacharach

Learn from Bacharach experts as we walk through the importance of low-level leak detection in our live webinar, “Leak and We Shall Find.” You will gain valuable insight on the vast differences between safety gas detection and low-level leak detection. We will review how choosing the right system of instruments and connected-data software, paired with strategic installation, will improve your facilities environmental impact. Join us in Bacharach’s mission to safeguard people, places, and the planet.     

3 pm CET (9 am EDT)/Auditorium 1

CO2 ejector system energy performance in a medium sized supermarket: 2021 field study results – Danfoss

Mark Sever, Global Applications Expert – Food Retail, Danfoss

Discover the performance of a standard CO2 system compared to a Multi Ejector Combi solution with a high pressure ejector and a liquid ejector. All data is collected from the same supermarket with different operation modes in the period of July 2020 to March 2021. The analysis highlights the differences in energy consumption between the two systems and demonstrate the energy savings and advantages of using the CO2 Adaptive Liquid Management (CALM) solution.        

3:30 pm CET (9:30 am EDT)/Auditorium 2

EU Policy Panel – shecco

Arno Kaschl, Policy Analyst, European Commission

Barbara Gschrey, General Manager, Öko-Recherche

Tim Grabiel, Environmental Lawyer, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Andreas Meier, Managing Director, TEKO

4 pm CET (10 am EDT)/Auditorium 1

Driving innovation for natural refrigerants – Alfa Laval

Tommy Ångbäck, Sales Director Refrigeration, Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers, Alfa Laval

Alessio Fadini, Application Product Specialist Refrigeration, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, Alfa Laval

Natural refrigerants are driving the future of heating and cooling. And from day one, Alfa Laval has been driving what’s possible in natural refrigerants. In this webinar, industry experts Tommy Ångbäck and Alessio Fadini discuss how we can secure the future of your heating and cooling systems through heat exchangers specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of working with propane, CO2 and ammonia. This is a rare opportunity to take advantage of practical knowledge from two of the industry’s most experienced experts. Following their presentation, Tommy Ångbäck and Alessio Fadini will be available for live Q&A.   

4:30 pm CET (10:30 am EDT)/Auditorium 2  

Sustainable cooling solutions for COVID-19 Chain & Medical Segment – Secop

Helmut Greiner, Application Engineering Manager, Secop

COVID-19 vaccines developed to fight the pandemic spreading require reliable and monitored transport solutions, from different storage centers to the vaccine sites, with the challenge to fulfill the needs worldwide in a variety of ambient conditions. The vaccines transportation cold chain is demanding reliable temperature control down to ultra-low temperature range also for mobile solutions, there is therefore a need to sustain this cold chain with reliable portable boxes specifically designed for vaccines down to -80°C.As a certified WHO Vaccine cold chain supplier Secop engineering team have conducted intensive development and testing activities to prove an innovative cooling solution powered by battery driven compressors designed with green refrigerants and optimized with electronic control, able to achieve, maintain ultra-low temperatures down to -80°C in a vaccine transportation box with a robust and reliable design."      

5 pm CET (11 am EDT)/Auditorium 1

End User Panel: Europe, Africa & US - shecco   

Richard Taylor, General Manager of Store Design and Implementation, Pick n Pay

Olaf Schulze, Director Energy Management, METRO AG

Jeffrey Carlson, Service Technician, Lunds & Byerlys

5:30 pm CET (11:30 am EDT)/Auditorium 2

Market trends & annual report – shecco

Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager, shecco

6 pm CET (12 pm EDT)/Auditorium 1

Easy start up of CO2 racks: what has to be considered? – TEKO

Andreas Meier, Managing Director, TEKO

There are still several considerations a new end user should make before moving from f-gas refrigerants to R744. In this webinar, Andreas Meier talks about the challenges of adopting CO2 in new markets and explains what has to be considered when making the change.  

6:30 pm CET (12:30 pm EDT)/Auditorium 2

New and ATMO Global Network 

Marc Chasserot, CEO, shecco

March 31

3 am CET (10 am JST)  End User Panel: Australia & NZ - shecco      

Dario Ferlin, National Sustainable Innovations Manager, Woolworths

4 am CET (11 am JST)  Market Trends APAC + annual report - shecco

Jan Dusek, COO head of APAC, shecco

8 am CET  (2 pm Philippines Standard Time))  Cold Chain Innovation Hub Philippines - Project Updates

Gilda Garibay, National Project Leader, Cold Chain Innovation Hub

Atty. Jonas R. Leones, Undersecretary for Environment and International Environment Affairs, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Philippines

Franziska Menten, Project Coordinator, UNIDO

David B. Bungallon, Executive Director, TESDA

Devin Yoshimoto, Communications Lead, Cold Chain Innovation Hub

Jan Dusek, Head of Global Partnership, Cold Chain Innovation Hub

Key project representatives for the “Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines” project speaks about the latest updates regarding the Cold Chain Innovation Hub, the importance of training and major market, policy and technology trends in Southeast Asia. 

March 30-31

On-demand webinars/Auditorium 3

All on-demand webinars will be available during the 24-hour event and afterwards during the 30-day archive period.

Ultra-low charge ammonia refrigeration - Intarcon

José Expósito, PhD. Ammonia Technical Product Manager, Intarcon

Waterloop evaporators with R290 refrigerant - Intarcon

Javier Cano, Industrial Engineer, Deputy General Manager, Intarcon

Saginomiya NatRef components

Marcin Michalak, Key Account Manager, Saginomiya

New Tecumseh High-Efficiency AL compressor platform for R290 case studies

Mario Gauna, Application Engineer, Tecumseh

Anthony Chambon, Application Engineer, Tecumseh


By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Mar 29, 2021, 17:01

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